WordPress SEO Services

Our WordPress SEO Services will help your site outrank your competitors and build long term value in your search presence. We target the keywords your business needs to grow and propel your rankings. We can help you capture the low hanging fruit and work your way to the top of more competitive keywords. We build long term SEO value using all white hat techniques. Contact us for a free basic analysis and consultation.

SEO Strategy

A great SEO campaign requires a sound SEO strategy. First, we analyze as much data as possible, we study your competitors, do keyword research, make sure your website is technically on point and come up with a solid plan. Second, we optimize your content and help you develop the content you have and create new content targeting specific keywords and phrases. Thirdly, we get links pointing back at your new content to boost your pages in the search engines.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is more important than ever. Ensuring that your site adheres to best web practices and meets the technical requirements of search engines is essential. We look at everything from site architecture, url structure, content quality and crawl errors to your core vitals. Keeping your website technically sound will give you a definite advantage in the search engine results pages over those who don’t.

Local SEO

Local SEO is very important for brick and mortar locations. Moreover, a large percentage of Google searches are looking for local information on businesses etc. Our service optimizes your Google Business listing, your page titles and meta content to rank for local searches. We add location pages and help you develop new local based content. We can also help you get more positive reviews and citations for your business.

Content Development

Content will always be king with SEO, constantly improving upon and creating new content is the surest way to the top. For example, if your competition has the top ranking page for the keyword you want and only has 1200 words of content.  Then your original article with 2000 words is most likely going to win as long its of good quality and relevant. Our WordPress SEO Services always work to improve your content and suggest new content to develop to target specific keywords and phrases.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization is all about the content of the page. It helps to tell the search engines what your page and site are all about. Page optimization starts with the Page Title, the headings and subheadings should all target the main keyword and relevant keywords, images should have alt tags etc. Keyword frequency is also important to on page optimization as well as the relevancy and amount of text on the page.

Competition Analysis

First, we figure out who your competitors are and what keywords they’re ranking for. We like to do manual searches and see who’s sitting at the top. Then we study their content and find out what’s working best for them and use this information to create our own original content. We also check their backlink profile to see if there are any opportunities in order to pick up new inbound links.

WordPress SEO Services

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