WordPress Migration Services

Our WPTEKS WordPress Migration Services can help you move from server to server, setup a development site, or move your development site into production. We’ve done thousands of WordPress migrations and move WordPress sites around like warm butter. You don’t have to feel like you’re stuck at subpar hosting services. Also, if you don’t have a plan already you might want to consider migrating to one of our hosting solutions. We’ve been maintaining our own servers for years and provide, fast and responsive hosting for WordPress websites.

WordPress Migration Process


First we consult with you and see what your needs are, if there’s anything special we need to know about etc. Then we get the information we need regarding your web hosting providers, your WordPress admin and domain registrar.

Full Site Backup

Then we take a full manual backup of your entire website including your theme, plugins, uploads, WordPress core files and MySQL database. This gives us a full working copy of your site.

File Transfer

After ensuring we have a perfect backup copy of your website, we transfer your files to the new server and import the mysql database. If we need to modify the domain or url structure of the site in the MySQL database we do it now as well using a serialized search and replace feature.

DNS Update

After the files and database have been imported we update your DNS to point at the new installation for a seamless migration process.

Post WordPress Migration Check

After we finish a migration we always check to make sure things like the WordPress admin, editor, uploads, pages, links, menus, forms etc. are all functioning properly.

WordPress Migration Services

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