WordPress Performance Optimization

Our WordPress Performance Optimization services will keep your site loading fast and in good favor with Google search. Faster loading times can definitely mean better search engine rankings and happier visitors. Don’t let your site fall behind, let us optimize it to load as fast as possible for you.

Why Do I Need WordPress Performance Optimization?

WordPress is by far the best platform for most projects but its out of the box performance leaves a lot to be desired. Each time you load a page it takes CPU and database resources to render. This makes caching extremely important. Not to mention the numerous CSS and javascript files that will each download as a separate http request. Combining and minifying CSS and .js files is also key to optimizing your site.

Page speed has been a factor in SEO rankings for years now but Google is putting more emphasis on performance than ever with the release of their Core Web Vitals. Having a slow unoptimized site will likely negatively effect your search engine rankings.

WordPress Performance Optimization

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