How To Quickly Troubleshoot A WordPress Plugin Incompatibility Issue

WordPress plugins can sometimes be like difficult people, you just can’t have them both in the same room together. Eventually if you try out enough plugins or use a lot of plugins on your WordPress site you will end up with a plugin incompatibility issue. Here’s my quick and easy method of diagnosing and troubleshooting these incompatibilities.

How To Identify A Broken Plugin Or Plugin That’s Not Playing Well With Others

  1. Make sure it’s not a caching plugin issue and turn off caching while you troubleshoot.
  2.  If your site is functional and you have access to the admin area you can toggle each plugin on and off to see if that resolves the issue.
  3. If your site is down you can first verify that it’s a plugin issue by renaming the plugins folder in the /wp-content directory.
  4. Once you’ve verified that it’s a plugin issue rename the directory back to plugins and go through and rename each plugin or suspected plugin. I usually add a ~ to the beginning of each folder name. Refresh your site in between renaming each plugin until you figure out which plugin is breaking your website.

How To Quickly Diagnose WP Plugin Incompatibility Issues

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