How To Hide The WooCommerce Shopping Cart In The Divi Menu

I was looking for a tip on how to hide the WooCommerce shopping cart in the Divi menu of a site I was working on and all of the suggestions were wrong. So I decided to write this quick post showing the correct way to hide the WooCommerce shopping cart icon if you’re using Divi by Elegant Themes.

The other articles I found all used a display:none CSS rule which is incorrect and a bad practice to get into anyways.

1. First navigate to the Divi submenu in your WordPress admin area and select Theme Builder.
Divi Submenu select Theme Builder Options


2. Select the pen icon to edit the Global Header options.

Divi Theme Builder - Select Global Header


3. This will bring up a screen to edit the Global Header Menu. Select the shopping cart module and click on the gear to bring up the module options. 

Select Divi Global Header Module


4. Select the Elements tab of the options menu.

Divi Global Header Menu Settings


5. Turn off the Show Shopping Cart Icon setting, you can also toggle the search icon next to it on and off.

Divi global menu settings turn off cart


6. Save your options and your WooCommerce cart icon in your Divi header menu should now be hidden.

Save menu settings in Divi

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